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  • We will not be able to imitate God in our love for others unless we know that we are blessed, valuable, and significant—that we are loved.
  • In Christ, we are wonderful, significant, valuable, dearly loved, and the objects of God’s infinite and unconditional affection.
  • If you attempt to build intimacy with a person before you’ve done the hard work of becoming a whole and healthy person, every relationship will be an attempt to complete the hole in your heart and the lack of what you don’t have. That relationship will end in disaster.
  • Any time you want to build intimacy with a person before your identity is fully in Christ and you know and feel secure and strong in Him, you will be expecting that person to do something for you that he or she cannot do.
  • The world teaches us to expect from others what God alone can give us, we are unable to appreciate the very real (though limited) wonders of human love.

The key to lasting relationships is developing a relationship with God through Christ in such a way that you are secure in who you are in Him