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Acts 10:9-33, NKJV

With Jesus, what was common—became uncommon and very valuable.  

Just because it’s never been done a particular way does not mean we should not do it.

  • If you are young or new in the ministry or on the job make sure you don’t change things and do things that have never been done before until you win the respect of those over you and with you.
  • You will often lose people you love and thought were behind you.
  • You have to be able to with stand the pain of others talking negative about you—other churches talking about you and even questioning why you would go there.
  • It will cause you to isolate if you’re not careful because you get too close it hurts worse when you feel you have to go against what your close friends feel you should do.
    • Remember too much isolation will bring
    • Not enough isolation will also bring
  • You have to be very careful with who you listen to and spend time with.
  • Fruits and prosperous are the results of spending time with God.
    • Fruits are lives being changes –we are witnessing this at Journey Church.
    • Fruit is love, joy and peace when thing are great and when things are not—Fruit comes from the Holy Spirit and gives us power and peace in the mist of our problems.
  • Fruit and prosperity have nothing to do with having trouble free life.
    • Prosperity is when you have the wisdom to apply God’s Word to any situation and the by-product is fruit.
    • Prosperity is getting your approval from God.
    • Prosperity is NOT health, wealth, and happiness.
    • Prosperity and success to the truest sense is doing the best you can with what God has given you—by using your time correctly with the right people and giving the right time to God’s Word.

When you do what others don’t, it can be lonely.

  • Remember the higher up you go the lonelier it will be and the less personal life and choose you will have.
  • Most people and even many of the staff will never know all the leaders have to deal with—personally you have to make decision that your family might not agree with.
    • One of the hardest things leaders have to deal with is our own doubts, questions, and purpose.
    • Most leaders will never be able to with stand the long-term threshold of pain.

We have to be very careful that we don’t allow tradition and rules to ever keep us from doing what God tells us to.

  • Too many times we judge what is right and wrong, who is right and wrong, instead of focusing on our personal relationship with Jesus.
  • When our relationship is right it will always lead to wanting to do what Jesus says instead of how we feel or others think.

The most important thing we can ever do is to Hear and Obey the voice of the Lord.

  • The voice of the Lord will never, never go against God’s Word.
  • Remember there is a time to pray about it and there is a time to obey and go.
  • God said we should never call another person common or unclean.
    • Anyone God send us (Journey Church) is special to Him and He wants them to hear the Good News.
    • The Gospel results in restoring broken lives and relationships developing.
    • God wants us to go to all races, God wants us to love and teach all races that He sends us.
  • God often speaks to us through those He sends us.
  • God’s Word and God’s people help us to know God’s Will.

Leadership Insights

  • Never let what’s not been done stop you if you are sure it’s from God.
  • Prosperity and success to the truest sense is doing the best you can with what God has given you—by using your time correctly with the right people and giving the right time to God’s Word.
  • The higher you go up the lonelier it will be.
    • You might have to be lonely but you are never alone because God will never leave you are forsake you.
  • It’s easy to miss the common things God sends into our life.
    • Many times it is the common people God sends into our life that He will use—if we are not careful we will miss them because we are looking for the extraordinary instead of watching God take the ordinary and do the extraordinary.