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One of Satan’s Goals/Lies is to“Keep Christ Quiet”

Talking and Sharing about Jesus changes our focus.

  • When we focus on Christ, our Crisis gets smaller.
  • Staying focused is the main factor.
    • Our focus determines our direction.
    • Focus on healing not hurting.
    • Satan wants us focused on our condition, instead of our position in Christ.
  • FOCUS:
    • F – First things first
    • O – Other things second
    • C – Cut out the unimportant
    • U – Unify behind the vision
    • S – Stick with it (Determination & Dedication)
  • The key is to predetermine how you are going to live.
  • Focus is easy to find but hard to keep.
  • You have to learn to focus on God’s agenda for you and your team.
  • One of the #1 leadership slips is not staying focused. Staying focused is the main factor.

Changing our Focus—is a Change Factor.

  • We are called, equipped, and sent. (Disciples) (Luke 10:1-12, NKJV; Luke 10:17, TLB)
  • When he sends us we don’t have to depend on what we have, but instead what Jesus has for us. (Luke 22:35-36, TLB)
  • There is no greater joy and power than doing what God has called us to do. (Luke 10:17,TLB)
  • Read Luke 9:1-2, NKJV, Luke 9:40, TLB, Luke 9:46, NKJV, Luke 9:49-50, NKJV, Luke 9:53-56, NKJV