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  • The smaller the crowd the greater the potential to impact them.
  • Most real changes take place in small groups.
  • You can only have a Mega Ministry if you have a Mega Marriage.
    • Mega Marriage can only come when you understand the original intent of marriage.
    • The longer you get away from the original meaning and intent of something the easier it is to shift from it.
    • Perry Nobles – “I would rather have my marriage than not have a marriage and have 30,000 members.
    • I would rather have the ministry and marriage I have than Dr. Sam Chand gone 260+ days a year.
    • If you want a Mega Ministry you will need a Mega Marriage.
    • Know and remember over and over again what God’s original intent for marriage was.
  • We often make decisions about people and church by:
    • Observation
    • Opinion
    • Opportunities
  • Most visitors don’t make a decision until after 3rd visit.
    • If you were a first-time visitor what would be your observation of your dept?
    • Then comes opinions—is this where they want to be, where they want their children to be, where they can feel at home
    • Next comes ‘what are the opportunities here for me?”
      • The hardest thing any of us can do is make sure we are talking and visiting with people every Sunday just to get to know them.
      • We can’t help them if we don’t know them.
  • Be on the hunt, but don’t let them know you are hunting…what do deer do when they know they are being hunted? – RUN
  • Attitude is so important.
    • People meet your attitude at least 20 feet before they meet you.
    • Bad attitude does not get better if not addressed.
  • Personal insights about Observations, Opinions, & Opportunities.
    • Being able to change your opinion about someone is a sign of maturity.
    • Way before we offer opportunities we need to observe, observe, observe.
    • Be slow about opinions, ever slower offering opportunities.
    • Don’t tell someone you are going to give them some position, etc., before you have given them some small responsibility and observed.
  • It’s very important to learn the difference between a Doer and a
    • When we don’t know the difference, we will hurt them and ourselves not meaning to.
    • A leader can be a great doer, but many times a doer will not make a great leader.
    • In spite of what we might believe great doers don’t make great leaders.
    • Promote slow, slow, from doers to leaders.
    • Observe them while leading a very small group without them even knowing what you are doing.
    • If someone wants to lead before they were a great doer it will most often bring destruction.
    • If you allow someone to lead who has not been a doer you are doomed.
  • Don’t forget to circle back!
    • It’s your job as a leader to keep circling back to check on what those you leading are doing.
  • Where does growth come from.
    • Both outside and inside.
    • Most growth in the past came from outside in the congregation then, into the core.
    • If we only focus on the core we will grow some mature leaders with no one to lead.
    • If we only focus on the congregation we will have immature leaders.
    • If we don’t grow our core we will not only stunt our growth, but have immature leaders.
    • Immature leaders are inward focused.
    • It becomes a work ministry instead of a grace ministry.
    • Be motivated to work for Jesus’ sake, not out of selfish desires.
      • Burnout – Started out walking with Jesus, then went to working for Jesus.
      • “Before you step up and speak up make sure you’re prayed up and confessed up—otherwise you probably need to shut up.
  • Jesus wants to lead us –but will not be led by us. (John 14:6, NKJV)
  • Insights for leaders—truth about multiplication.
    • The wrong person in the wrong place = regression.
    • The wrong person in the right place = frustration.
    • The right person in the wrong place = confusion.
    • The right person in the right place = progression.
    • The right people in the right place = multiplication.

You are the right person in the right place!

You are doing better than you think you are!

You matter more than you think you do!

It’s less about you than you think it is!