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The Millionaire’s Warning

​THE MILLIONAIRE’S WARNING! EBOOKSuccess isn’t a dollar figure, it’s about the heart.

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​This course was made by a multi-millionaire for millionaires.

Why did I write this devotion?

  • ​Because I need it the most!
  • ​It seems the more money I make, If I’m not careful, the more independent I get instead of depending on God.
  • Pride comes before the fall.

What to Expect from this eBook

You will get 11 lessons that have practical insights and questions to help you. The course is designed to be done as a daily devotion for 11 days. 

11 Warnings to All Millionaires

1. Know Who Makes You Rich

2. You Can’t Take Your Riches with You

3. Put Your Faith in Jesus, not Your Wealth

4. Enjoy Your Wealth, but Don’t Put it Before God

5. Know Where Your Heart Is

6. Keep Your Priorities Straight

7. God Wants Your Heart, Not Just Your Money

8. Don’t Be and Excuse Maker

9. Don’t Live Off of Someone Else’s Relationship with God

10. Know the Power of Godly Love

11. Choices vs. Consequences

This free eBook is not about what I can get from you, it’s what I can hopefully can give to you.Even if you’re not a Christian, I want to assure you the reason you are rich is because God has given you the ability to make money.

Most millionaires that write about millionaires or write to millionaires are either not millionaires or they are writing to millionaires for what they can get. I am a multi-millionaire, not to be prideful, just so you know that I’ve been there, doing what you do.

Again, this course is course is not what I can get from you, it’s hopefully what I can do for you. I’m looking forward to doing this devotion with you and seeing God doing a great work in your life and my life.

God Bless.Pastor James W. Greer