Welcome to The Millioniare’s Warning! Course

Why did I create this course?

  • Because I need it the most.
  • It seems the more money I make, if I’m not carefule, the more indepedent I get instead of being dependant on God.
  • The more independant I get, the more danger I stand to become too prideful…
  • and after pride comes the fall.

This free course is not about what I can get from you, it’s what I can hopefully can give to you.

Even if you’re not a Christian, I want to assure you the reason you are rich is because God has given you the ability to make money.

Most millionaires that write about millionaires or write to millionaires are either not millionaires or they are writing to millionaires for what they can get. I am a multi-millionaire, not to be pridefule, just so you know that I’ve been there, doing what you do.

Again, this course is course is not what I can get from you, it’s hopefully what I can do for you. I’m looking forward to doing this devotion with you and seeing God doing a great work in your life and my life.

God Bless.

Pastor James W. Greer