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In order to produce healthy followers of Christ we must define what a healthy follower of Christ looks like?

  • And we agree that a healthy disciple or follower of Christ is someone who balances the five purposes!
  • The five purposes are Evangelism – Discipleship – Fellowship – Ministry – Worship.

 Does this sound familiar to you?

  • Evangelism=Found People Find People
  • Discipleship=Growing People Change
  • Fellowship=You can’t Do life Alone
  • Ministry=Saved People Serve People
  • Worship=You Can’t Out Give God

These purposes are nothing new, in fact they’re what we’re all about!

  • We see these purposes all throughout scripture. Example (Acts 2:42-47)

The early church balanced these Five purposes and guess what? They experienced exponential growth and a mighty move of God! Why? Because they were healthy! – Healthy things grow!

  • That’s why Pastor James is more concerned with who you are becoming as leaders rather than what you are doing!
  • If you are becoming the right person, you will do the right things!
  • So as leaders we want to develop healthy disciples or healthy followers of Christ!

***What is Healthy? People who are evangelistic, people who serve (ministry), people who fellowship, people who worship and people who are being discipled! I think “health” may be relative but the point is that every person and every group is striving to grow in each one of these areas.