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If any speak in a tongue, let there be only two or at most three, and each in turn, and let someone interpret. But if there is no one to interpret, let each of them keep silent in church and speak to himself and to God. 1 Corinthians 14:27-28

I thank God that I speak in tongues more than all of you. Nevertheless, in church I would rather speak five words with my mind in order to instruct others, than ten thousand words in a tongue. 1 Corinthians 14:18-19

Two or three, at the most, should speak. This is not limiting the Holy Spirit. We can’t limit the Holy Spirit by obeying the Holy Spirit & God’s word. Our God is a God of order.

One at a time should speak. It’s not “Tonguespalooza”. It’s not “one, two, three, go!” If everyone is speaking at the same time, there is no order. It’s not about us, and what we want. Confusion is not of God.

Someone Must Interpret. If spoken aloud, there must be an interpreter. If there is no interpreter, the speaker should keep quiet to themselves. If it’s not beneficial to the whole church, the whole church shouldn’t hear it. This isn’t restricting God, we are channeling our passion to God’s commands. Emotion is a good thing when handled correctly!

It is better to speak five words with understanding than ten thousand in tongues. If our tongue is not edifying the church, it is useless. Speaking in tongues was not meant to be a public display of affection to God. Not everyone has the gift of tongues. Is it better to do in the privacy of your home than bring confusion in the church.

He who speaks in a tongue edifies himself, but he who prophesies edifies the church. 1 Corinthians 14:4

I thank my God I speak with tongues more than you all; yet in the church I would rather speak five words with my understanding, that I may teach others also, than ten thousand words in a tongue. 1 Corinthians 14:18-19

For God is not the author of confusion but of peace, as in all the churches of the saints. Let your women keep silent in the churches, for they are not permitted to speak; but they are to be submissive, as the law also says. And if they want to learn something, let them ask their own husbands at home; for it is shameful for women to speak in church. 1 Corinthians 14:33-35