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  1. Although God is almighty, He does not prevent the death of some of His choicest servants. (Acts 12:1-4)
    1. We need to be very careful when we start pleasing people more than God.
    2. If you oppose the gospel, you might temporarily win, but you will finally lose and lose big.
    3. If you stand for the gospel, you might temporarily lose, but you will finally win and win big.
  2. Since God is almighty, He can easily deliver His servants for humanly impossible situation if it is His will. (Acts 12:5-19, NKJV)
    1. God is most glorified when we are most helpless and have to totally depend upon Him.
    2. Peter’s deliverance is also a picture of how God saves sinners.
    3. God is not limited by our prayers.
    4. A major part of prayer is us getting God’s will in the matter, prayer helps us to learn to totally depend upon God.
    5. Prayer sometimes changes the most impossible situation and makes possible.
  3. God can remove the most powerful and proud human leaders with ease when His ready. (Acts 12:21-24, NKJV)
    1. Earthly glory is short-lived.
  4. Since God is almighty His gospel cannot be stopped by man or any other opposition. (Acts 12:24, NKJV)