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Evangelismis the spreading of the Christian gospel by public preaching or personal witness or zealous advocacy of a cause.

  • When I say evangelism, I’m talking about any word or deed that is done with the intention of bringing someone far from God close to God!

It’s so important that we touch on evangelism because if we aren’t careful we will become unbalanced!

  • We build relationship with those around us, we form bonds and community as we should but if we aren’t careful we’ll begin to have the attitude, Hey it’s this four and no more!
  • And if we allow this attitude to go unchecked that’s when we become cliquey and unbalanced.
  • There is always going to be a tension between fellowship and evangelism.

***The way we balance out that attitude is we must be effective in evangelism. – We want to be inclusive NOT exclusive! – We must keep a stream of new people coming, continually bringing those far from God close to God!

  • As believers have a responsibility to tell people and expose them to this good news!

Ezekiel 3:1818 If I say to the sinful man, ‘You will die for sure,’ and you do not tell him of the danger and try to turn him from his sinful way so that he may live, that sinful man will die in his sin. But you will be guilty for his blood.

  • God makes it clear that if people around us are headed for hell and we don’t share the gospel with them, we’re responsible!
  • Everyone this side of heaven owes everyone this side of hell an opportunity to go to heaven!

So, what can we do?

  • Be prepared to share the Good news. I find more opportunities arise to share the gospel when I’m prepared to share the Gospel!
  • Read scripture. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God.
  • Pray for the lost and pray for God to give you divine opportunities to share the Gospel.
  • Walk with intentionality. – You find what you look for! If you are looking for a person to share the good news with, you will find that person.
  • Invite people to church and invite people to your small group. Consider having a social gathering or BBQ. Some won’t come to church but they will come to eat!
  • Invite people to the special events, Christmas Spectacular! Invite cards are a simple tool!

***We want to expose the Alexandria campus to the public, we want to have a good time with families but most importantly we want to bring those far from God close to God! And we have an opportunity to do that!

  • It’s all about balance, fellowship is great, but let’s balance fellowship with healthy evangelism!