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Acts 6:1-7, NKJV; Ephesians 4:11-12, NKJV

 Insights to Remember:

  • When churches grow there will be problems. If you put them off, they get bigger.
  • Most problems come as a result of how others are being treated or how they feel they are being treated.
  • Don’t run from the problems—run to them.
  • You can’t grow your ministry without growing your people.
  • The pastor can’t do everything, if he tries to be available to everyone he will soon be available for no one.
  • We all have to be very careful about cliques and prejudice.
  • The leaders did not deny the problem, instead they fixed the problem.
  • Staying focused is the main factor.
    • Our focus determines our direction.
    • Focus on healing not hurting.
    • Satan wants us focused on our condition instead of our position in Christ.
    • FOCUS:
      • F – First things first
      • O – Other things second
      • C – Cut out the unimportant
      • U – Unify behind the vision
      • S – Stick with it (Determination & Dedication)
    • Key is to predetermine how you are going to live.
    • Focus is easy to find but hard to keep.
    • You have to learn to focus on God’s agenda for you and your team.
    • One of the #1 leadership slips are not staying focused.
  • The main purpose of deacons, servants, and volunteers is to be minsters—not administers. (Matthew 23:11, NKJV). It’s not what you are doing it’s how and who you’re doing it for.
  • Unity and right positions in ministry = Multiplication instead of addition.

Where do you need to focus in your ministry?