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Acts 13:2-3, NKJV; CEV

  1. Worship leads to direction.
    1. It is Worship that leads to calling, filling of the Holy Spirit, and giving direction.
    2. While worshipping, we should be listing to what God is saying to us about our calling.
  2. What does Worship mean?
    1. First and foremost an encounter with the living and Holy God.
    2. Loving God. [Matthew 22:36-40, NKJV]
    3. To give divine honor, praise, and to adore. [Psalm 29:2; Revelation 4:11, NKJV]
    4. Different ways to worship and encounter God:
      1. Song, playing an instrument, reading and studying the word, through nature, simply meditating on God’s Word.
      2. Set out/seek out for worship. [Genesis 22:3b; Deuteronomy 4:29]
  • Leave your servants (thoughts, cares, or worries) at the bottom of the hill. [Genesis 22:5] – It is our wisdom and duty, when we are going to worship God, to lay aside all those thoughts and cares which may divert us from His service.
  1. Make the sacrifice. [Genesis 22:9-11]
    1. Money
    2. Ourselves [Romans 12:1]
    3. Praise [Hebrews 13:15]
    4. Prayer [Psalm 141:2]
    5. Broken heart. [Psalm 51:17]
  • Worship then War. [Acts 13:8-12, NKJV]
    1. Many times, after worship comes a spiritual war with the enemy. [Matthew 3:16-17, NKJV; Matthew 4:1- 4, NKJV]
    2. Being filled with the Holy Spirit enables us to handle the war better, much better than when we are not. [Acts 13:6-12, NLT2; Ephesians 6:12, NKJV]
    3. Remember when you are in a battle with someone—spouse, boss, friend, etc., –it might be a spiritual battle.
    4. The best time to worship the Lord—is in the morning before you have to face the world.
      1. When possible it is always better to resolve a conflict than to dissolve a relationship.