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We can never stop growing. We must always become more aware of what we do not know. So the question is, how do we grow? The answer is simple: read the right books, listen to the right people, and go to the right places. When given the opportunity, we must ask the right questions to the right people. We grow through the right time management and being intentional, not just having good intentions. What you are practicing is what you are becoming, and what you are thinking on is what your becoming as well.

We must be intentional, not just have good intentions.

As a leader, there are four things that you personally have to know:

  1. Know that I must grow.
  2. Know that my team knows that if they are not growing then they have to go.
  3. Know when to make those tough decisions.
  4. Know I have to be the best Me and We (Team).

As a leader, there are things that you personally have to show. We must show that we have a good self esteem and show our team how to have a good self esteem as well. We must show the love that the Lord has for us and recognize that what we are doing is important. We have to show and be shown how to get from point A to point B, how to keep the ball moving down the field.

Imagination + Information = Unlimited Expectation