Discerning a Difficult Staff Transition

Here are 12 good questions to help you discern the right decision about a staff member:

  1. Are they aligned and passionate about the vision?
  2. Are they a good fit in terms of chemistry with others on staff?
  3. Are they in the right position?
  4. Do they connect well with others?
  5. Do they handle conflict and pressure well?
  6. Are they experiencing any personal struggles?
  7. Are there any attitude issues?
  8. Are they teachable?
  9. Do they follow well?
  10. Are they improving?
  11. Are they good at what they do?
  12. Do they have capacity to carry more?

About the Author Pastor James Greer

Pastor of Journey Church. Business Owner of D&J Tire, D&J Custom Homes, D&J Autoplex and D&J Investments

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Robert Even says December 13, 2017

The twelve signs of committed followership!

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