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by | Sep 2, 2021 | Leadership Lifters | 0 comments

Leadership is Influence. Everything rises and falls on leadership (everything).


  • Culture is simply how you do things. We learn the truth about our culture when we mess up. If culture is right – the bottleneck is the control stopper.


  • Does everyone understand what we do and why we do it? How is your communication?
  • 4 Things everyone needs to understand and things you shouldn’t tolerate:
    • Do not tolerate racism.
    • Gossip – when you are not part of the problem or solution.
    • Slander – when you get through talking and the person you were talking to thinks less of the person you were talking about.
    • Undermining your authority.


  • Discover, Develop, and Deploy.


  • Everything rises and falls on trust.

Unafraid: Fearless Culture

  • A fearful culture has no new ideas, things move slow, and people don’t take initiative.


  • How fast do you respond? Respond quickly, within 24 hours.


  • Are things getting done? Are they getting done on time? Who does what by when, on every task, assignment, or event?
  • As so goes the culture, so goes the organization.