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Step #1 – Focus on being the right person, instead of trying to change the other person.

Step #2. –  Begin to fix your hopes and dreams on God and seek to please Him

Step #3 – Agree to work on the real problem. Connect in love before addressing the problems, pains, and complaints. (Build equity before addressing the problems)

Step #4 – Focus on your God-given purpose, purity, praise and God’s presence and allow it to produce love.

Step #5 – Agree to make marriage a priority. This will bring progress.

Step #6 – Commit to praying for your mate every day.

Step #7 – Do your assessment, but then share your dreams, hopes, and desires.

The Bible teaches that God promises and guarantees that He will bless your life if we do what He SAYS!

Every Promise has a Premise (condition). Every Promise has a Prediction (you obey and you will be blessed, you disobey and you want.) There’s over seven thousand promises in the Bible where God says, “If you do this, I will do this.”

If we confess our sins, He will forgive us. If we call upon His Name to be saved, He will save us. If we obey, He will bless us. You’re not waiting on God, God’s waiting on us to fulfill the conditions so He can bless our life in ways we have never imagined!