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Step #1: Put Love First.

Talk Charge – Have loving personal talks with your spouse five times each day for a minimum of one minute.

Super Talk Charge – Have a loving personal talk with your spouse once each week for a minimum of 25 minutes.

Touch Charge – Make loving physical contact with your spouse a minimum of three times a day.

Date Night – Go out alone on a date with your spouse at least once a week.

Romantic Treat – Go on vacation at least three times per year alone with your spouse for at least three days and two nights.

Business Meeting – avoid as many logistical and business discussions throughout the week as possible and discuss all of them during a weekly business meeting.

Photo op – Put photos of your spouse in your wallet, your office, and your gym locker.

Birthday Party – Plan an extravagant birthday party for your spouse. Invite only your spouse.

Step #2: Give Presence.

Intimacy Review – Extensively interview your spouse in order to create an inventory of giving opportunities. (This is more personal than financial)

Give – Give from your inventory at least three times a week.

Step #3: Move from me to we.

Move your circle of life – Get more involved in one of your spouse’s hobbies or interests.

Pick a Hobby – You and your spouse select a hobby to do together.

Make room for love – select one of your hobbies and interests that your spouse is not involved with and eliminate it from your life.

Be a team – Invite your spouse to help you fix one or more of your problems or flaws.

What do you think? – Ask your spouse their opinion before making decisions.

Step #4: Save Time for Your Sex Life. (1 Corinthians 2-7, CEV)
This is talk time! You need to be honest and open with each other about what this means and how often!

Step #5: Spend your Money Wisely.

Always put God first so you won’t be under the curse. (Malachi 3:8-11, NKJV)

Put your spouse second.

Would you rather give or get. You should always want their needs met first. Budget and we will both be better. Budget together. Spend together, don’t spend over an agreed amount without talking to your mate.

Step #6: Save Yourself.

Hold Back – Refrain from sharing your inner life with anyone other than your spouse.

Please do not touch – Refrain from physical contact with anyone of the opposite sex other than your spouse, your parents, and your children.

This one is for you – Refrain from regularly giving gifts to or having thoughtful correspondence with anyone other than your spouse.

T.V. Fast – A minimum of once a year, turn off the television for two days

Dress for success – Refrain from dressing in a way that will provoke an emotional connection from the opposite sex. (except in private with your spouse.)