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Role Concept Comparison Assessment


What do you believe about your role in marriage?
Answer Key: 1. Strongly agree 2. Mildly agree 3. Not sure 4. Mildly disagree 5. Strongly disagree

  • The husband is the head of the home.
  • The wife should not work outside of the home.
  • The husband should help regularly with the dishes.
  • The wife has the greater responsibility for the children.
  • Money that the wife earns is her money.
  • The husband should have at least one night a week out with his friends.
  • The wife should always be the one to cook.
  • Money can best be handled through a joint checking account.
  • Marriage is a 50/50 proposition.
  • Major decisions should be made by the husband in case of an impasse.
  • The husband should babysit one night a week so the wife can get away and do what she wants.
  • A couple should spend their recreation leisure activities with one another.
  • It is all right for the wife to initiate love making with her husband.
  • The husband and wife should plan to budget and manage money matters together.
  • Neither the husband nor the wife should purchase an item costing over $15 without consulting the other.
  • The father is the one responsible for disciplining the children.
  • A wife who has a special talent should have a career.
  • It is the wife’s responsibility to keep the house neat and clean.
  • The husband should take his wife out somewhere twice monthly.
  • The wife is just as responsible for the children’s discipline as the husband.
  • It is the husband’s job to do the yard work.
  • The mother should be the teacher of values to the children.
  • Women are more emotional than men.
  • Children should be allowed to help plan family activities.
  • Children develop better in a home with parents who are strict disciplinarians.
  • The wife should always obey what her husband asks her to do.
  • The husband should decide which areas each should be responsible for.
  • Neither husband nor wife should bring their parents into the home to live.