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What do you need to have a winning dream team?


  • Owner, Coach, and a Team.
  • A heart with PASSION.
  • Why or how do we lose our heart and passion sometimes?  (Proverbs 23:4-5, TEV)
  • We can’t be in the game just for the money.
  • Wearing yourself out trying to get rich wears on your relationship with God and affects your marriage, health, and emotions.
  • God does not want us to be lazy, but the heart of the matter is to have a heart for God. (Proverbs 10:4, CEV; Psalm 127:1-2, NCV)

How can we as a team have a heart for God—and have a winning team? (Proverbs 23:7, NKJV; Proverbs 23:7, TEV)

  • Have a great owner—our Owner is God Himself.  (Psalm 50:10, NKJV; Jeremiah 27:4-5, NCV; Philippians 4:19, NKJV)
  • Have a coach.
  • The coach is responsible to the Owner first and then the team.
  • The team is then responsible to the coach.
  • Have a game plan and follow it. (Joshua 1:5-10; Joshua 1:7, NKJV; Joshua 1:9-11, NKJV; Joshua 1:16, NKJV; Joshua 1:18b, NKJV)
  • Hear from God.
  • Share with strongest leaders. (Staff and Journey Group Leaders.)
  • Leaders share it with the people. (Congregation)
  • As a powerful winning team execute the play and win.

Executing the plan right is the key to winning.

  • We cannot allow others to do what God called, equipped, and empowered you to do.
  • When we begin losing heart we must be very very careful. (1 Samuel 30:6, KJV; Proverbs 27:10, TLB; Psalm 41:9-10, TLB;
  • We must stay in the game with heart and passion in the position the owner has placed us in no matter the cost.  (Proverbs 28:26, NKJV; Proverbs 28:26, TEV; Proverbs 10:8, NCV)
  • A great quarter back and players.
  • The players can only execute the plays the quarter back calls. (Psalm 105:3-5, NKJV)
  • A coach gives the quarter back the game plan.
  • Remember, no one can do what God called, equipped, and empowered you to do.