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Information and Inspiration

You need both Information and Inspiration.

  • information; data, power points, multiple slides (death by power point).
    • Information is not motivating people, Inspiration is.
    • Inspiration is what they feel, information is how they think.
    • If you just have information and no inspiration to it, it’s dry. There’s no meaning to it.

  • If you have only Inspiration, and no info, there is nothing tangible to hold onto.
    • Be willing to say, “I have to inform and inspire”, now you’re bringing two very strong components together where they can bond and move your organization forward.
    • Ask yourself, “I have this information, how do I inspire my people to move on the inspiration?”
    • Spend more time figuring out the information piece and you’ll be able to see instantaneous results.

  • Do both and you will keep going higher and higher.