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What’s Your Mindset?


Anybody can be a part of being a world changer it simply starts with caring and wanting to make a difference. Real change goes from good intentions to good actions.

Being part of world changer comes when we become Possibilist…

Possibilist Believe:

Progress is possible, but not easy.

See things as they are, but they don’t discourage them. It’s hard to look away from problems that move me. They are willing to do what they can to make a difference. See life and people from a potential perspective instead of a problem perspective. Know the difference between good intentions and good actions. People with good Intentions want to add value to other but find a reason not to do it: (they make excuses)

People with good actions want to add value to others and find a way.

Questions to those wanting to be world changers:

Who are you adding value to? ___________

How are you adding value you to them?

People with good intentions can be passive, inconsistent and disappointing. People with good actions are Deliberate, Consistent and Willful.

Question to those wanting to be world changers:

How consistent are you? _________________

Good actions represent the main difference between words and results. The biggest gap between failure and success is the difference between I Should and I DID!


Real world changers make themselves do what they have to do when it ought to be done, whether they like to or not!

Matthew 19:26