WEEK 31: Gospel of Peace

‘And how shall they preach unless they are sent? As it is written: “How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the gospel of peace, Who bring glad tidings of good things!”’ Romans 10:15

I’ve never really thought of my feet as being beautiful, but if God’s Word says so, they must be.  I showed them up close to my wife and she sure did not think they were beautiful and did not want them that close. LOL – JWG

The truth is beautiful are those who bring the gospel of peace to those who don’t have peace. God is telling us that part of our responsibility is to bring peace and good tidings to those in need. God wants you to have peace. God wants you to know the way to peace is through His Gospel, His Word, and His Promises. If you want lasting peace, you need to be in the Word and under the Word.

Prayer: ”God, I pray that your gospel and your glad
tidings of good things will bring me peace today. If you still don’t have peace, please find a Promise in God’s Word that applies to your situation, meet the conditions of the promise and hold on until the provisions come! They will come! In Jesus Name, Amen.”

About the Author Pastor James Greer

Pastor of Journey Church. Business Owner of D&J Tire, D&J Custom Homes, D&J Autoplex and D&J Investments

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Robert and Sarah says July 31, 2018

As long as there are people who have never heard the good news, we must commit ourselves to getting the good news to them. There is an African proverb, “There is only one crime worse than murder on the desert, and that is to know where the water is and not tell.” We know where the water is! We’ve got the greatest news in the world: God forgives every sinner who trusts in Jesus as Lord and Savior! And only God can bring true peace. We’ve got to tell everyone.

Steven Roberts says July 31, 2018

In order to be any sort of meaningful preacher God needs to call and send us. However, I could not have been sent if I was not first shown God. That truly is a beautiful thought to make. If it wasn’t for my youth Pastor waaaaay back in the day being faithful to God then I could not have followed in that calling that God has for me. To think that God has afforded me the opportunity to be a vessel for Him is mind blowing!

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