Truths to an Abundant Life

52 Weeks to Living Out God's Purpose and Plan for Your Life

Jesus paid the ultimate price so we may have an abundant life. We must prioritize spiritual growth by intentionally seeking a relationship with God through His Word and having a grateful heart! This is a 52 week online devotion.

How to Use this Devotion

  1. Read the verse everyday when you have time, read it over and over and stay on the same verse all week.
  2. Practice memorizing the verse or one of the verses all week.
  3. Ask God to speak to you personally on how to apply it: what the verse means to you.
  4. Write your insights as God reveals them to you. Share them in the comment section of each devotion.
  5. Imagine you are in one chair and God is in the other chair. Talk to Him as if He is with you, because He is.
  6. Ask God; Do you understand my situation today? YES! Is it too hard for you to handle? NO! I Confess by faith that You already have a plan for my good and I thank Him for it!

The Rewards

  1. God promises to bless you as you memorize and meditate on God’s word. Psalms 1:2-3, Joshua 1:8
  2. God promises to help us have victory over sin if we will memorize and meditate on God’s word. Psalms 119:11
  3. God teaches us that speaking the word helps move mountains, but you can’t speak the word, if you don’t know the word.

Memorization + Meditation = New Met Expectations!

Share Your Insights

Be part of the community by sharing your insight each week in the comment section of each devotion.

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Don’t Allow Rules and Rituals Lead to Resentment

Acts 11:1-18, TLB   Rituals, rules, and religion can blind us to God’s purpose to reach people where they are and help bring them to where they need to be. Don’t allow God’s Process cause you to miss His Purpose. Before praises and privileges comes objections and...

What Every CORE Needs

Every core person we have needs two things: Training Developing Training is when you teach a person to do a specific job or task. Teach them the steps and expectations you have for that specific job or task. Train well. Best way to train someone: Let them watch you do...

Brian Houston: Above All Things Guard Your Heart

 Why it’s important to guard our hearts? The condition of our heart controls the condition of our life. (3 John 1:2, KJVA; AMP) To prosper physically, emotionally, and spiritually protect your heart—soul. (Matthew 5:8, NKJV) When our hearts are not right it limits the...

Five Things We Can Do To Reach People For Christ

Acts 8:26-40, NKJV We must go where the people are. (Acts 8:26, NKJV) That does not necessarily mean we have to go around the world, many times it means walk cross the street, invites someone at work! Children do what children see…what a better way to teach our...

Insights From Sam Chand

  The smaller the crowd the greater the potential to impact them. Most real changes take place in small groups. You can only have a Mega Ministry if you have a Mega Marriage. Mega Marriage can only come when you understand the original intent of marriage. The...

Don’t Miss The Common Things God Sends Your Way

Acts 10:9-33, NKJV With Jesus, what was common—became uncommon and very valuable.   Just because it’s never been done a particular way does not mean we should not do it. If you are young or new in the ministry or on the job make sure you don’t change things and do...

How To Have An Excellent Spirit

Daniel 6:3; NKJV; Daniel 6:3, NCV; Daniel 6:5, NKJV What is the Spirit of Excellence? Worldly excellence it always based on comparison and competition. Godly excellence is based on character, conduct, and competence. The motive of biblical excellence is to bring honor...

Truth About Answered Prayers

The direction and power that came to Cornelius was a result of knowing the truth of knowing the truth about how to get answered prayers. Acts 10:1-8, NKJV   The right position brings the right power. Cornelius had great worldly position, but got God’s attention was...

Security Has To Come From God

We will not be able to imitate God in our love for others unless we know that we are blessed, valuable, and significant—that we are loved. In Christ, we are wonderful, significant, valuable, dearly loved, and the objects of God’s infinite and unconditional...