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LUKE 11:28 “He said, ‘Blessed rather are those who hear the word of God and keep it!’”

Father, we desire to hear Your voice and to follow Your ways. We pray that You would speak to us so that Your
will, will be done through us. We seek You wholeheartedly, selflessly, and continually. Help us to recognize Your voice at all times and give us the courage we need to act on Your behalf. The busyness of life can get loud and there are distractions all around us. We know that it is the goal of the enemy to tempt us with the temporary pleasures of this world. Help us to stand together under You. Give us wisdom to know when to quiet the noise around us in order to hear You clearly. Grant us the patience to wait for You to speak when we are seeking Your voice. Help us to be confident as You guide our actions. Teach us to abide in Your presence, and most of all teach us to rest in the security of Your promises.